Read what our ESRs think about TRANSMIT, the reasons why they chose our project and their expectations for the future.


I applied for this program as I like its main concept of research. Moreover, the collaborative nature of this project is so interesting and I believe it can help us to have a broader view in our field of study and consequently act more efficiently.

(Saharnaz Sarlak, ESR 1 at UBOR)



As a human being and a scientist, I certainly believe that TRANSMIT can give us the huge opportunity to expand the horizons about cancer and metabolism research, by deepening and reinforcing new knowledge in the development of novel strategies to counter such a worldwide challenge.

(Ana Carolina Bastos Sant’Anna Silva, ESR 2 at OROBOROS)


Both the substantial training proposed by TRANSMIT, on the international scene, and the opportunity to continue my work on the exciting metabolic medicine field make the project appealing to me. Joining into this project is the best way to improve my skills and to build up my knowledge in cancer metabolism.

(Floriana Jessica Di Paola, ESR 3 at JLU)



Offering the opportunity for early stage researchers to contribute actively to the field of cancer metabolism focusing on mitochondria, while building a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, really intrigued me and caught my interest. I hope to connect with different researchers interested in the same field, so that we can exchange knowledge and ideas.

(Christina Schmidt, ESR 4 at UCAM)



TRANSMIT is not only one of the renowned Marie curie projects, but it also provides us with the unique training experience where we work with the best researchers from all across the world. What I like the most about TRANSMIT is that we get to explore our opportunities in the academic and industrial fields. We also have many dissemination activities where we get to spread the awareness about cancer to the public. All of this is done while having some fun ūüėä

(Nikkitha Umesh Ganesh, ESR 5 at UNIBO, DIMEC)



I am thrilled to be part of TRANSMIT, which provides the opportunity for me to improve overall as an early stage researcher, through its ‚Äėtraining-through-research and exchange of expertise and knowledge‚Äô approach. I am enthusiastic about playing a role in exploring and sharing new and exciting roles for mitochondria in cancer.

(Nicole Bezuidenhout, ESR 6 at KI)



I am extremely pleased and grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of TRANSMIT. It is a great project that dissect the metabolic remodeling in human cancer, placing the focus on the role of mitochondria. I hope that working with the TRANSMIT family will give me the opportunity for training and communicating with the network of different academic and industrial laboratories. This will finally boost my confidence and inspiration to achieve my dreams in developing innovative research works.

(Maheshwor Thapa, ESR 7 at BIOCRATES)



TRANSMIT is a project that fulfilled my wishes when searching for a PhD: I was looking for a PhD within Europe, under a project involving international associates and in partnership with the industry. My main goal for this project is to develop new tools that could be used in the study of the role of mitochondria in cancer.

(Ana Catarina da Silva Almeida, ESR 8 at ACS)



I chose the TRANSMIT program because I wanted to work on a theme related to cancer and investigate ways to tackle this deadly disease. Moreover, the excellence of Marie Curie Program and the high-level training it offers (varied activities, workshops and exchange periods) are very important in shaping the profiles of future researchers. Finally, TRANSMIT is collaborative with 11 groups across Europe sharing a common research interest and one specific expertise and this creates a scientific complementarity.

(Houda Abla, ESR 9 at UNIBO, FaBiT)



As a PhD student I need to improve my professional skills, I want to contribute significantly to cancer research and I’m interested in sharing this experience with other students like me from all around Europe. I can achieve all this through TRANSMIT!

(Luca Zampieri, ESR 10 at UCL)



TRANSMIT is a great opportunity for me to combine my research interest in mitochondrial biology and oncology. TRANSMIT gives me the chance to build up a network with many excellent researchers and to be part of an outstanding community. I am very excited about the next three years.

(Daniela Weber, ESR 11 at SALK)