Cancer cell models to test metabolic intervention strategies (ESR 8)


 Project Description


1) Job description: The TRANSMIT network – Translating the Role of Mitochondria in Tumourigenesis – aims to train promising young scientists through research into the intricate metabolic plasticity that transformed [cancer] cells must undergo to survive the adverse microenvironment existing within a growing tumour, and the contribution of oncogenes and tumour suppressors in shaping metabolism of those transformed cells. TRANSMIT will train 11 PhD students in an overarching training programme involving training-by-research, joint courses on technical, scientific and transferrable skills, participation in public scientific events, and an intense intersectional, networking exchange plan. The TRANSMIT consortium encompasses academic institutions, research centres, and SMEs, all with proven experience in higher education and training and state-of-the art scientific and technical expertise and infrastructures.

The research activities implemented in TRANSMIT are aimed at: (1) dissecting the metabolic remodeling in human cancers, placing the focus on the role of mitochondria and linking basic research to the improvement/development of therapeutic strategies; (2) fostering the communication of this emerging field to the patients and their families; (3) design of predictive in vitro assays to assess the therapeutic potential of interventions targeting these cancer-related metabolic aberrations.

Each of the 11 ESRs will be enrolled in the PhD programme of the beneficiary’s organization (the beneficiaries which do not award a PhD will establish agreements with local and international universities that can provide the degree) and will participate in the network’s training activities and work placements at the laboratories of the collaborating academic and industrial partners. In addition, the training programme of the recruited ESRs will be supplemented by regular meetings and workshops within the TRANSMIT network.

The ACS project within TRANSMIT aims to develop novel cancer cell models to test metabolic intervention strategies identified by other project partners. Its main objectives are to create a panel of novel, cell-based, three dimensional, in vitro models displaying the metabolic aberrations of human cancers and to characterize suitable readouts which will be used to identify targets for therapeutic intervention. ACS project outputs shall be the production of a panel of novel cell-based models; validation of the novel systems according to industry-compliant principles of utility, reproducibility and robustness; demonstration of model utility using metabolic intervention strategies developed by consortium partners.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Colin Wilde

ESR 8: Ana Catarina da Silva Almeida


Key personnel:

Dr. Marie-Ann Ewart, Research & Development Manager