The focus of TRANSMIT will be the investigation of the metabolic changes that characterize human cancers, with particular emphasis on the role of mitochondria, bridging basic research to the improvement/development of therapeutic strategies, and ultimately fostering the communication of this rapidly emerging field of innovative research to the public, particularly oncologic patients and their families.

TRANSMIT specific objectives are:

  1. to educate a young generation of scientists in the appreciation and dissection of the multifaceted aspects of metabolism in cancer, through three highly integrated Work Packages (WPs) divided into Tasks (Ts) led by Pr­incipal Investigators/Supervisors (PIs);
  2. to implement up-to-date and innovative technologies and integrated methodologies in the field of mitochondrial physiopathology to dissect the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer and generate animal models;
  3. to develop career pathways in order to fill in the current need for researchers with an all-round knowledge of both biological, clinical and managerial issues, also related to gender balance.