The training activities go in parallel with building up a strong network between supervisors and fellows that will continue after completion of the project.

Every appointed ESR, moreover, will be expected to acquire the expertise and managerial capacities required to render them appealing candidates for the subsequent enrolment either within the companies involved in TRANSMIT or within health institutions and Academia. All ESRs involved in the project will be expected to become trained in complementary skills such as science communication and network relationship building, including those with patients associations and families. Overall, the ESRs involved in this network will receive training via:

  1. research and complementary activities within the network;
  2. secondments and technical workshops;
  3. advanced training courses organized by associated partners;
  4. participation in international conferences and meetings;
  5. one Summer and one Spring School organized by full partners belonging to the private sector;
  6. Mid-year and End-year Meetings – Network Coordination;
  7. dissemination and outreach activities.