Giuseppe Gasparre, PhD

Project title: Mitochondrial complex I-driven regulation of the hypoxic response in cancer cells (ESR 5)

Associate Professor of Medical Genetics

University of Bologna
Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences – DIMEC
Medical Genetics Unit
Pol. S. Orsola-Malpighi, Pad. 11
Via Giuseppe Massarenti 9
40138 Bologna

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Phone: +39 051 2088430
Fax: +39 051 2088416

Giuseppe Gasparre is professor of Medical Genetics at the University of Bologna, Italy, and former coordinator of the MEET – Mitochondrial European Educational Training, a European consortium on mitochondrial medicine, funded within the FP7 ITN Program by the EU. He graduated at the University of Bologna in 2003 in Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies and in 2008 he obtained a PhD in Human Genetics at the University of Turin, Italy, where he currently serves as a mentor for the PhD program. The main stream of his research focuses on dissecting the details of the metabolic status of oncocytic tumors presenting mitochondrial hyperplasia as a distinctive hallmark. As a consequence, his research turned on the role of mtDNA mutations in the metabolic rewiring of cancer cells, touching aspects such as resistance to therapy, induction of cell senescence, and the recognition of diagnostic/prognostic markers. He receives funding from the EU, The Worldwide Cancer Research, the Italian Ministry of Health and of University, the Italian Association for Cancer Research and the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi. He authored over 50 publications on cancer and mitochondria in the past 5 years, on ISI journals, with nearly 800 citations.