Call for papers: Special Issue “Tumor Microenvironment: A Key Piece in the Puzzle of Cancer Heterogeneity”

Call for papers: Special Issue “Tumor Microenvironment: A Key Piece in the Puzzle of Cancer Heterogeneity”

Dear Colleagues,

Cancers are now viewed as dynamic ecosystems in which subclonal populations of cancer cells and non-malignant cells within the tumor microenvironment (TME) interact cooperatively to support disease progression. Intratumoral heterogeneity has been extensively revealed in solid cancers through major advances in single-cell genomic and transcriptomic approaches. Besides genetic instability, the TME provides a strong selection pressure that shapes adaptive phenotypes in tumor cells and promotes resistance to therapy and higher metastatic potential, thereby sustaining malignant progression. Understanding the TME-related molecular mechanisms driving intratumor heterogeneity, evolution, therapy resistance, metastasis formation, and clinical relapse may allow new therapeutic avenues aiming to delay tumor progression to be identified.

For this Special Issue of Cancers, we invite authors to submit contributions that provide new insights into how TME contributes to cancer heterogeneity and tumor evolution. In particular, articles or review on new findings or concepts in the areas of metabolic plasticity, epigenetic regulation, tumor/stroma crosstalk, therapy resistance, immune escape and clinical relapse with respect to tumor evolution are of great interest.

Guest Editors

Dr. Ivana Kurelac

Department of Surgical and Medical Sciences, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

Interests: solid cancers; mitochondria; hypoxia; cancer metabolism; tumor microenvironment; respiratory complex I


Dr. Cyril Corbet

Pole of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (FATH), Institut de Recherche Expérimentale et Clinique, UCLouvain, 1200 Brussels, Belgium

Interests: therapy resistance; cancer metabolism; tumor microenvironment; acidosis; organoids; cancer-associated fibroblasts, precision medicine


Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 January 2022.


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