Crowdfunding Campaign “NOW”

Crowdfunding Campaign “NOW”

The TRANSMIT Project presents:
Crowdfunding Campaign “NOW

“NOW” – Two worlds one goal


In this crowdfunding campaign, we want to bring the world of scientific research closer to the world of patients by supporting four cancer patients’ associations.

Scientific research is essential for the well-being of society, but quite often it takes many years to collect the results from our research with no immediate effect on the patients. The timing of research and the immediate needs of patients separates the fight against cancer into two worlds: researchers on one side, and people dealing with this disease on the other.

With this crowdfunding campaign, we want to bridge this gap. We are 11 researchers working all over Europe as part of the European Marie Curie project: TRANSMIT, “Translating the role of Mitochondria in Tumorigenesis”. To us researchers, fighting cancer means studying the biology of this disease to discover new treatments.

But there are many other people involved in this fight, like patients’ associations that help patients to deal with cancer by providing accurate information, professional counselling, and recreational activities.

Now, we want to do something concrete and immediate to support the activities carried out by four European associations committed to help cancer patients and their families. We fight a common enemy in different ways and together we are stronger!

To reach this goal, we need your help Now!



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